What's new in 2.0?

  1. Setting a background image
  2. Set description to be fixed at the bottom (default is top)
  3. Flip posts and description (default is description on right)
  4. No Borders and High Res Photos bug fixed
  5. Permalink issue fixed (some people deleted the "~" completely from their page and couldn't get to the permalink of a post)
  6. Search page header, day pages and tag pages added
  7. Audio posts slightly changed
  8. Header image link hover fixed
  9. Reblog Origin feature removed and source code fixed
  10. Option to unround the corners on images
  11. Twitter integration
  12. 2.0.1 — Audio overlap bug fixed
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i just installed 2.0, but now some of the pictures in my posts aren't showing up at all.


Because I can help you when you’re anon

Posted on January 25th, 2012 at 8:59 PM

I took the easy way out of making this theme by using the code “position:absolute;" to just easily move over the whole div code containing the meta data on the mp3 and the caption, so that when the post exceeded 235 pixels, it would overlap onto the tags and date info and kept on going until the caption stopped. Thanks to hopefully-someday for bringing it to my attention, I went back and added the proper coding by making sure posts aligned just like how the answer posts align with length issues.

Updates submitted to the Tumblr Theme Garden usually take about a week and you will need to reinstall the theme, but if you simply cannot wait, and you feel up to the challenge of finding your own way through my messy, unorganized code, feel free to replace the following codes.

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